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Aussie Detox started in 2008, offering the Australian consumer market with a range of well established products related to Drug Detox, Toxin Detox, Drug Testing and Medical Condition masking.

aussie-detox-productsWe have sourced our products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world including; B-Clear, UltraKlean, Spectrum Labs, Urine Luck and Zydot. These products can help with the detoxing and masking of toxins such as; Nicotine, Tobacco, Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Ecstasy (MDMA), Cocaine and Opiates.

Our products can also protect your vital medical information and mask conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy. Some of the products in our range have also proven health benefits, such as; promote significant cholesterol reduction, the elimination of free radicals, improving digestion and blood-flow and the secretion of enzymes.

Our range of sourced products have all been thoroughly tested and have successfully protected over 3,000,000 customers world-wide to date. Don’t let yourself be persuaded or intimidated into revealing any of YOUR private medical information to anyone. Your private information is exactly that, and should only be made available to whom you decide.

Often people are asked to provide a specimen for a specific test, however, the specimen that you are providing will often be used to test for more than you think. Don’t be caught out by misrepresentation or false promises!

Aussie Detox has the right product to protect you! Thanks for visiting, we are here to help!

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