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How effective are Detox Masking flushing Products?

Our products have a 99% + success rate when used correctly – we are here 7 days to get advice from!

All of our detox / flushing / masking products have a “Clear Window” of around 4 hours  – as we advise some clients need to “double up” the products (e.g. Stat Flush and B-clear) when they have high levels of toxins present. Please call us to confirm.

For 9 years we have always done our best to offer honest advice. Unlike most other sites and detox manufacturers, we have a lot of feedback based experience and sometimes we will say – “look, all the flush drinks in the world might be a struggle if you’ve been taking massive amounts up to the morning of a test. You have to do the synthetic urine / whizzinator technique”.

How do I know which products to use and when to detox?

You can call us anytime 7 days for one on one advice, but here we will list some key points

If you really want to know yourself how fast your metabolism is (everyone is different), get a suitable test card from us and test your urine after some time off (refer to natural detox timing averages chart). That is the best way of self determining if you need say a single BCLEAR or double up with STAT FLUSH, or be really sure with the famous HIGH TOXIN REMOVAL PACK that has the 48 Pretox capsules that are taken over a week (or less) up to the day of the test and then the STAT/BCLEAR combo to nail it on the day!

Alternatively (and if time is an issue), the massively popular QUICK FIX Synthetic Urine is a Definite PASS as long as instructions are followed (proper temp etc).

If it’s a situation where someone may have the right to watch you pee (if you know what we mean), then the Original Whizzinator (and for the ladies, the Whizz Kit) is the ultimate.

How do I determine if I need your products?

To be honest, it’s a subjective thing. If you’re a once in blue moon partier, you might be clear (check clear times for most substances chart).

As mentioned above, get a self-test test card / kit and test yourself 1 week after consumption. Using the test cards, find your limit so you are confident of what products you might need if you are suddenly called up for a screening test before celebrating getting that awesome Job offer!

Could laboratories test to see if I have used your products to pass a test?

These detox products contain common ingredients which you would find in everyday food and other natural products such as herbal extracts, carbohydrates and popular vitamins, but are blended perfectly to suit the purpose. They are not detectable adulterants or chemical masking agents, they actually flush your system and thus cannot be detected and Never have been!

But can’t the laboratories test your Creatine levels?

The Australia Standard “Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine” (AS/NZA 4308:2008) allows for the testing of Creatine levels (low levels) in a specimen to determine if masking agents have been used.

There is no upper limit to creatine on the validity test, only a lower limit.

As we have always advised; if you overload yourself with water (as some dodgy sites suggest in searches) as an easy way to pee clear, you will in all likelihood be asked to return as a DILUTE. It’s not a fail, but they have the right to ask for a retest

But the Flush Drinks and capsules are perfectly suited to do the job and have the dose of creatine in perfect quantity so your urine is a pass and the creatine levels are perfect!

How long will my urine be clear of toxins after taking your products?

You will be clear for up to 4 hours. We always recommend to time things right – as the first 2 hours after consumption is the optimum time frame to deliver your sample.

I’m in urgent need of help, how fast will it take to be delivered?

All of our orders are sent by Australia Post EXPRESS SATCHELS  – we go the extra mile and pay extra for the Platinum service which is signature on delivery and more regions covered overnight!  (If you don’t want the signature on delivery, please tell us in order notes). Please check the link to platinum express Postcodes to check if your area is overnight, as some really remote areas will be 2 days max.

All orders received by 3pm (SA Time) on any business day will be sent with Australia Post Platinum Express on that SAME DAY. Most areas in Australia this will be an overnight service. However some outer and rural areas will have a 2-3 day delivery window. You may wish to visit the Australia Post Express Post Network to see which category you fall under. You will receive an express post tracking number via email some time after purchase.

With Platinum Signature On Delivery, if no one is home to receive, they will leave a card and take it back to the closest Post Office for pickup

Also if you have any special requests like leave at the door etc please tell us and we will tell the Postie!


Is there anything else I can do to really be sure to pass my test?

If you really want to be sure we highly recommend doing the HIGH TOXIN REMOVAL PACK. Our one week cleanse program is a Proven 7 day program to clean your system of unwanted toxins.

Some tips for the detox – flushing products

  • When doing the test, use the middle part of your urine.
  • On the lead up to the test, do not hold urine in your bladder for too long.
  • Definitely Avoid all Toxins for 24-72 hrs before your test; including all Alcohol “drugs” of any kind and if possible any Smoking… basically anything that can lower the body’s immune system.
  • Avoid all over the counter medications or prescription medications if possible for at least 24hrs prior to taking the Detox Flush Products
  • Also it’s recommended to stop exercising for at least a few days before your test because exercise increases the amount of THC Metabolites in your urine.

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