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Flushing, masking and fresh clean urine to pass your drug test

If you are asking yourself “How do I pass my drug test?” you have come to the right place!

Aussie Detox started in 2008 as one of the pioneer online retailers within the Australian consumer market for products related to Drug Detox, Toxin Detox, Drug Testing and Medical Condition masking.

These products can help with the flushing and masking of detectable metabolites, indicating the use of Nicotine, Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), ICE, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, GHB, Ecstasy (MDMA), Cocaine, Benzo’s, Heroin and prescription Opiates and in most cases they can also Shield One from Prying into “Personal Conditions” such as diabetes and pregnancy.

So whether it is a Urine, Saliva or Hair test, we can help you.

We have sourced our products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world including; B-Clear, UltraKlean, Spectrum Labs, Ultramask, Urine Luck , Whizzinator  and Zydot.

We pioneered the use of Synthetic Urine in Australia and have helped Thousands Get and Keep their Jobs and Privacy.

So when you need to beat a drug test call us; a Real Shop with staff you can talk to 7 Days a week for Advice as we have done for over 9 Years now .

Our range of Internationally Sourced products have all been thoroughly tested and have successfully protected over 7,000,000 customers world-wide to date.

So when you want to be and pee clear talk to one of our Specialists who will help you pass your drug test every time.

You can read more info About Us, and further in depth discussion at our FAQ.

Helping to protect your privacy

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Our happy customers

I work on cruise ships and party in Sydney on R&R. I detox with the Powerflush / B-Clear combo and pass every time. Thanks heaps

Percy Vera

Great Products and speedy sending. I recommend to everyone.


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