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The High Toxin Removal Pack


3 of the Worlds Greatest Products In A Powerful Pack ,  This is Nu Clear





In order to achieve optimum results, it is highly recommended to follow these guidelines:

Avoid too much extra than your usual physical activity or drinking vast quantities of water to avoid flushing extra toxins through your system, as this can be quite dangerous for certain organs and tends to flush more toxins into the urine!!

Avoid Eating Too Many Sugar Rich Foods up Until you take the test.

  • Use the middle part of your urine when doing a test.
  • On the lead up to the test don’t hold urine in your bladder for too long!
  • Avoid all toxins at least 24-72 hours prior to using Stage 1 (But longer is Advised)
  • Including All alcohol, “Drugs” of any kind and all “Smoking”.
  • Avoid all over the counter or prescription medications for at least 24hrs hours prior to taking- The High Toxin Removal Pack

The Stage 2 & 3 Combination will be effective 1-5 hours after Stage 3 has been ingested, So try to plan accordingly!


Easy to Use Instructions

Stage 1 – STAT! PRETOX – 50 capsules –

Daily Assistance in drug metabolite removal, Take Stage 1 Over 8 Days .  2 Capsules – 3 Times A Day

Stage 2  – On The Day Of The Test

  • All 5 units of STAT! FLUSH Capsules  with 500ml of water,
  • Wait 60 mins

Stage 3 – B CLEAR  750ml

Shake Bottle for 15 seconds, Drink Entire Contents of Bottle

  • 15 minutes later, Refill bottle with water and drink
  • Over the next 45 -60 minutes Urinate 2-3 times (Never Hold Urine In the Bladder)
  • That’s it for the next 4-5 hours, your good to go!

Example Timeline for the Program

  • 8 days Up To the Test day – Take Stage 1 (2 Caps – 3 times a day

On Day of the Test  (example)

  • 9am – Allow one hour to take Stage 2 –STAT! FLUSH
  • 11am – Take Stage 3 –B CLEAR
  • 12 noon – 3pm Optimum time to give sample for testing!


These products are not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.



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